Artist Statement


When I first entered the college prior to FIT, 

I was a Fine Arts major. That is where I learned how to bring my creativity to actual pieces. Then I became obsessed with spatial designs, or exhibition design. Compared to canvas or sketchbook, living spaces let me create further and deeper designs. From sketching to rendering to building, I find that every step is precious and important and affects the final look. Exhibition design includes not only the physical structures but also graphic elements. Today, people are consuming the graphic design everywhere, but making-process involves critical thinking and marketing strategies, as well as choosing the best design elements. Learning about the hierarchy of design elements elevated me to the next level as a designer. There are still abundant sources that will teach and inspire me to create anything, in any place.


The color green stands for renewal, growth, and hope that reflects me. I am still growing to become a good designer.

My Projects